Mar 2019

Steps to find and hire trusted packers and movers


The best and safe way to relocate your goods anywhere across the country is to hire packers and movers. Whether you are moving locally or to a different city; shifting is the biggest issue usually faced as it’s stressful and creates confusion in mind. This includes who you trust and hand over your goods to, whom you should hire, and where to find trusted packers and movers?

There are ‘n’ number packers and movers in the market, and finding the most reliable one is quite difficult; as of emerging newbies & bogus moving companies. These companies might be unprofessional or fraudulent who will involve you in moving scams like mishandling your goods, add hidden charges to your bill, and so many other ways. To avoid such mishaps, do a proper background check of the packing company before hiring; here are some steps to find or hire genuine packers and movers.

Steps to Find and Hire packers and movers

  • Step 1: Recommendation:- 

Before you find and hire packers and movers, it would be better to ask for recommendations and suggestions from your friends/ family/ neighbors. Almost everyone would have moved at least once in their lifetime; so It's best to find recommendations from your known ones, who have recently moved.

There are several packers and movers in the market. Still, it's always better to get recommendations from your friends, family, and co-workers and take suggestions. When a known person suggests something, you would feel a little comfortable and safe to hire them. Ask them a few questions like how their customer service, any hidden charges, their facilities, costs, reliability, etc. Whatever information they will provide, either good or bad about a company or reliable companies or not, trust some companies will be helpful.

  • Step 2: Credential:-

Based on the recommendations you can shortlist few companies near you, the next step is to check their credentials. At this stage, you have to check if the company has valid Govt. of India-approved registration paper works like GSTIN, movers license, owners ID proofs, etc. movers with valid business registration documents are reliable; they can handle and move professionally, based on your requirements.

  • Step 3: Reviews and ratings:-

We are in the digital age, and finding moving companies can be eased with researching online; those who couldn’t get any recommendation can find several packers and movers via search engines like Google, etc. It might not seem easy to select one movers from the 100’s of options available, it’s like finding a pin from a pile of grass. But it is not that difficult as it looks; you have to shortlist few companies near you; go through the reviews of those packing companies to the companies performance history through previous customers feedback. 

Sites like Trustpilot, Mymovingreviews, Glassdoor, Google my business, AssureShift, Facebook, etc., have genuine customer reviews. Reading reviews and checking ratings from past customers' experiences make it simple to get a clear picture in your mind about the company.

  • Step 4: Comparison:-

It won't be wise to hire packers and movers without comparing rates and other facilities, so try to take opinions, go through reviews, compare cost estimates, services offered, etc., and choose the one that matches your expectations and seems like a good fit. Check whether they provide insurance for your goods in case of rear and tear or not. 

  • Step 5: Company visit:-

After all the research you should visit the company before finalizing them to check if they have a professional office setup. Visiting the place would give you a clear idea about their reliability. So reach out to the company's physical location before finalizing the deal and talk to one of their members. It will help you in getting an idea about the customer service you can expect from them. Also, request them to conduct in-house pre-move survey to get accurately estimated charges. 

  • Step 6: Customer Care:-

You can know the genuineness of the company through the good customer service they provide; if there are no pre and post-customer care services available, it is best to remove them from your list and move to other service providers. Hire a company that provides full customer support from start to end. 


During home shifting, there are so many things you must take care of which will actually stress you out. Hiring reliable packers and movers will ease out the relocation process. Follow these simple steps, you can hire trusted packers and movers who will take full responsibility for your move; so you can concentrate on other moving tasks like decluttering goods, updating your new address, managing utilities, etc.